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CV Simon J. Barteling, sculptor; Amsterdam (The Netherlands )

Simon was born in 1939 in Ossenzijl, a small village in a moor and lake district in the Netherlands . He went to high-school in Meppel and then studied biology/biochemistry in Groningen , an old university city in the North of the country. For many years he lived in Muiderberg, at the border of the lake IJsselmeer , in the environment of Amsterdam . For the last 20 years he lives in the very centre of that city.

When he had finished his studies (in 1965), he was repairing (with chisels) an oak pile from the garden fence. Then he detected the beautiful “mirror” of the oak-wood and both a passion and his first sculpture were born.

Although he became a veterinary virologist, sculpturing remained his passion ever since. He collected the crude materials (wood and stones) from the environment where he used to live in, and from that of his holiday resorts. Over the last 10 years, sculpturing is a part-time profession and bronze has been added to the materials he works with. Simon’s basic knowledge of chemistry helps him in the adventure of providing his bronzes with patinas.

The history of the materials is treated with great respect. Structures in the wood, and fracture lines and colour patterns in the stones are brought in harmony with the spatial forms that he creates. Many sculptures do not have a “front” side. All sides get attention from the beginning to mould them in harmony as an organic entity.

It is difficult to say whether these organic structures are inspired by the knotted willows from his birth grounds or by his biological studies. The African nature of many of the sculptures may come from the same roots.

Many of his semi-figurative sculptures are duo figures that express togetherness and intimacy.

His studio, which he shares with sculptor Karien Froeling (www. is in the meadows near Abcoude, a small village outside Amsterdam .

From 1997 onwards he travelled frequently to South Africa , first as a veterinary consultant but soon he started to make sculptures there as well. He lived there on the premises of the Sammy Marks Museum near Pretoria . In this inspiring environment – space, beautiful woods, stones and nature – new sculptures were born. At the Lorenzo Vignalli Foundry in Pretoria many of his sculptures were cast in bronze.

During the last years his consultancy job brought him to Montes Claros , Brazil . There he found inspiration and started to make sculptures – some of them quite gigantic - in the sculpture garden of the ceramist/sculptor Felicidade Patrocinio. Also, he became a member of the “Artistas Plasticas” Society of Montes Claros.

He never was very keen to expose his - some quite tall - “little babies” to the public, however, during the last years many of his “children” flew out via expositions in and outside Amsterdam , South Africa ( Pretoria and Johannesburg ), France and Brazil .

Simon is also an enthusiastic violin player, jazz improvisations, his forte.




Amsterdam , Salon Culturel

Hazerswoude, Gallery and Sculpture Garden “Laerken”

Belo Horizonte, Brazil, Errol Flynn Galeria


Montes Claros, Brazil, Espaco Cultural

Belo Horizonte, Brazil, Errol Flynn Galeria

Brasilia , Brazil , Banco Mundial

Chalmessin, France, Salon de Peinture et Sculpture



Montes Claros, Brazil, Atelier de Arte, Marcia Prates

Santa Barbara Jazz Festival, Brazil

Amsterdam, Chambre d’Amis, Ruth Meijer



Amsterdam , Sanquin Art Expositions

Amsterdam , Tree House Gallery

Amsterdam , Salon Culturel



Schoorl (Neth.), Gallery and Sculpture Garden “Eva’s Appel”

Amsterdam , Tree House Galery


Langres, France, Galerie Tête de l’Art 

Amsterdam, Tree House Gallery



St. Jean le Thomas, France, Salon d’Eté

Johannesburg , South Africa , Little Louvre Gallery



Amsterdam, Salon Culturel

Putten (Neth.), Landgoed De Schovenhorst

Pretoria, South Africa, Millenium Gallery